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11 January 2560 10:22:52
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Obviously, the Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) has developed several ICT-related projects for the fiscal year 2015 based on its organizational vision “Accelerating the Development of e-Government with the Highest Quality and Transparency of Implementation Processes and Public Services for All Thai People”. This is considered a remarkable change for the government sector, where intelligent IT systems have been applied to ensure greater efficiency of implementation processes and public services backed by the development of the Digital Economic and Social Policy. The digital policy has even become more significant since information technology is required to drive the economic and social progress for the country. It is agreed that digital technology is crucial for all development aspects, varying in business, communication, and infrastructure, which are expected to provide the complete coverage of services throughout Thailand. In addition, the required digital technology should possess a stable operating capacity, adequate functional programs, and reasonable application costs, factors considered the most fundamental requirements for efficient development of the national economy and society.  

As e-Government can ensure economic and social progress for the country, the EGA has earnestly determined to play a vital part in offering continuing support, directly and indirectly, to the Digital Economic and Social Policy developed by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (formerly the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology). Public services will also be advanced with the application of online platforms to facilitate people with convenient and reliable public services following the development of e-Government. 

Finally, on behalf of everyone in the EGA, I would like to thank all government agencies for their precious time and effort in collaborating with the EGA to push forward the existence of the Digital Government, as part of the goal to achieve greater development of the Thai economy and society. I would also like to extend my sincerest appreciation to the EGA’s executive committee for providing a broad range of productive suggestions and constructive comments for all the projects as well as to all EGA officials for their invaluable support and competent services. 


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